Thank you from True Colors Fund

GregoryGregory Lewis, the Executive Director of the True Colors Fund has posted this thank you to all #Pizza4Equality donors. He is very gracious to yours truly, but this is a campaign built by thousands. #Pizza4Equality has right now, 4,261. But it is so important not to overlook even those who were not in a position to give utilized the power of their voice, and their network of friends. GoFundMe reports over 76,000 share on social media, people who spread the word.

The entire blog post is here. I’m excerpting the part where Gregory explains where the $161,00+ in donations will go:

Today, the effort to end LGBT youth homelessness is $160,000+ stronger than it was a month ago. This money is going to go a long way to support our programs, which:

We want to thank everyone who donated, promoted, and participated in this empowering campaign. We didn’t see this coming at all. It was a surprise blessing for us and for the young people we work every day to serve. This campaign has demonstrated to people around the world that even when something terrible happens (like the passage of Indiana SB 101), humanity can respond with something absolutely beautiful – something absolutely human. Today, more people than ever before are talking about LGBT youth homelessness, reaching out to their local lawmakers with their concerns, and strategizing with one another around ways they can help young people in their own communities. People are engaged in this issue like never before. And that’s exactly what needs to happen if we are truly going to end LGBT youth homelessness. And we are going to end it.

Reminder, the #Pizza4Equality GoFundMe is still open until May 10.


Press Release on the first 26 days of #Pizza4Equality


Cyndi Lauper (left) accepts a $160,000 check for her homeless youth charity, True Colors Fund. The money was raised by a GoFundMe campaign called #PizzaForEquality started by activist and owner of the social media consultancy, Memeographs, Scott Wooledge (right) of Brooklyn, NY.


#Pizza4Equality Raises $160,000 to Help LGBTQ Homeless Youth in 26 days

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, Memeographs owner Scott Wooledge met with Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award-Winning artist, Cyndi Lauper, to present a $160,000.00 check to the True Colors Fund, a youth charity she co-founded.

“I am very proud of what was accomplished in less than a month. I am glad we were able to make a giant statement of love and support for our most vulnerable youth. These online organizing tools are tremendously empowering,” said Wooledge, a Brooklyn-based activist who owns the social media campaign consulting business, Memeographs.

“While #Pizza4Equality campaign was given virtually no attention from any major news media, that proved no problem. Team #Pizza4Equality—62,000 grassroots supporters strong—built a great campaign by ourselves. Beyond the issue of marriage equality, I see a big appetite for the more tertiary issues of the LGBT movement, like caring for our youth.”

“The True Colors Fund is deeply grateful to Scott Wooledge for creating the #Pizza4Equality campaign, and the over 4,200 people who made generous donations,” said Gregory Lewis, Executive Director of the True Colors Fund. “It is truly inspiring how Scott provided an empowering opportunity for so many people to show their support for the up to 40% of homeless youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in America.”

Lauper and True Colors staff were in Washington, D.C., to testify before a Senate subcommittee on efforts to help and prevent youth homelessness. Later they also met with Obama administration staff at the White House on Wednesday, April 29, to present findings of programs to address and even prevent homeless youth. These programs are part of a joint collaboration with the Office of Housing and Urban development and currently being implemented in Ohio and Texas, with a goal of upscaling strategies that work. It was part of a greater day of awareness of the epidemic of homeless youth, the True Colors Fund had dubbed, Forty To None Day.

#Pizza4Equality is a grassroots fundraising campaign initiated and operating independently of the True Colors Fund. Conceived by Wooledge as a response to the national news story of a pizza place in Indiana that received tens of thousands of dollars in support of their policy of discriminating against  LGBT customers. The $160,000 was raised by 4,224 donors from around the world in a span of just 26 days. Primarily powered by social media with supporters sharing news of the campaign more than 62,000 times on social media networks. It was initiated by Scott Wooledge on the GoFundMe site. Wooledge is a Brooklyn-based activist and operates the social media campaign consulting business Memeographs. ( The fund, remains active.

“In the end, Wooledge said, “#Pizza4Equality was just trying to reclaim pizza’s good name by asking folks to donate the cost of a pizza to the True Colors Fund to help LGBTQ homeless youth.”

Scott Wooledge can be contacted here.

The True Colors Fund was co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to end homelessness among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth through a broad continuum of public education and engagement, advocacy and public policy, youth collaboration, research, and community building programs.