Hate Free Pizza Parties!

In order to draw attention to the epidemic of youth homelessness it's suggested communities have hate free pizza parties in April. True Colors suggests donating the money to local organizations that are working to move kids off the street and into safer, healthier spaces, groups such as Indiana Youth Group. Local groups in your area can be found at fortytonone.org.

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On Monday April 13 the Kartemquin Films documentary “The Homestretch” will receive its National Broadcast Premiere on the PBS’ Independent Lens program.

In an effort to help promote the film and raise awareness about the issue of teen homelessness, not only in Chicago where there are 19,000 kids who self-identify as being homeless, but, everywhere – we’re helping arrange a series of “Homestretch Hate Free Pizza Parties” for next Monday, April 13th – all you need is a TV, space for some people and we’ll help with the pizza and the PBS is free (even in HD!) If you’re interested in hosting, attending or sponsoring a party – please contact us or fill out the form here.

If you are in Chicago we are currently working with a number of pizzerias in the City includingDimo’s, Letizia’s and also partnering with Pizza for Equality – and we will be hosting viewing parties ourselves on Monday, April 13th beginning at 7:30 p.m. Chicago time. We’re also working on parties in a number of other cities including:

If you’re interested in hosting or attending a pizza party or more importantly in either sponsoring a pizza party or donating–pizza, a space, your time or money to our efforts in the Pizza for Good movement – sign up on the form below or e-mail us at: homestretch@foodsystem.org.

Buy someone a slice of pizza and have a conversation with them.  It could change your life, or potentially change theirs.