Take the #Pizza4Equality Challenge To Help End LGBTQ Youth Homelessness


The National Margherita Pizza Price Index as compiled by Eater.com.


Did the ugliness of Memories Pizza story leave a bad taste in your mouth? Ours too! The glory of pizza wasn't built by exclusion, it was built by generous inclusion! Pizza is not just a union of one tomato and one block of mozzarella. It's about the whole world of wide diverse choices available! Vegetarian or meat-lovers? Tiny, salty fish on your pie? Yes, please! Broccoli? Pineapple? Yes! Yes!

Imagine a world where all pizzas were exactly the same. That would be very sad.

Pizza and equality are two great things that are even greater together. #Pizza4Equality is challenging pizza lovers across the country to Give a Damn about the LGBTQ homeless epidemic and help out.

For the cost of one pizza pie this month, we can really kick of the first annual #40toNoneDay with a bang! We've even included the chart to the average cost of a pie in your area above.

So go ahead an donate, all donations benefit The True Colors Fund.

Pizza Lovers Unite for Equality!